Weekly Weekouts (January 12th)

This week was good, it wasn’t great. I did my at-home practice on Monday. Tuesday and Wednesday were a wash. I wanted to get in class after work or maybe during lunch but we were so busy it just didn’t happen. I managed to go to Bikram on Thursday and Yoga Vida yesterday and today. I actually did a basics class there today which was great. I think I can finally do a Chaturanga properly. Yesterday I did the Deep Flow class with Jenn Tardif. LOVED loved loved it! We flowed to Solange, FKA Twigs and Lana Del Ray. Needless to say I will most likely be stalking Jenn’s whole entire life. Or at least taking her class as often as possible.

For this coming week, I have signed up for a Yogi Day Camp at Yoga Vida on Saturday. It came with a free month of yoga #bestgiftever so I will try to get the most out of that. For the other days, hopefully next week Sunday will see me at my usual Bikram class.

Tomorrow, Monday, I’ll most likely wake up early and do a video and hopefully do the same on Wednesday and Thursday. We are truly so busy at work these days, if I don’t do something before I leave the house, it just doesn’t happen. I would like to squeeze Flywheel in somewhere – if I do two Flywheel classes, they need to be well spaced out. My legs can not handle Flywheel two days in a row. That said, I am more likely to get away with running around the corner for 45 minutes at lunch time than I am to travel 20 blocks for an hour long class. And there are two days next week than lend themselves to my doing just that but they are one after the next. We shall see…

And I’m keeping up with my 30-day posture challenge which has been fun and, well, challenging.

Happy Sunday.

Pictured is my daughter who gets a workout in every day, every where. Dedicated, that one.


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