The Pose You Dread is the One You Need the Most

My word do I hate Bow Pose (Dhanurasana).  And I mean HATE.  The second we hit the floor in Bikram, I start thinking about it.  I have six poses between my first Savasana and bow pose but I know it’s coming.  Triangle Pose is challenging and I know I need to work on my Standing Head to Knee pose but I see SOME progress with them.  With Bow Pose it’s the same thing every time – there I am like a lump on the floor.  If I bring my knees up higher they spread apart.  If I try to kick, kick, kick, my left leg goes up and my right leg is left languishing.  If I pull, which I’m not supposed to do, I still don’t get very far.  Will this ever change?!

In anticipation of writing this post, I did a little search to see which poses other people dreaded.  One woman said she hated the twisting poses but pregnant at the time, I can imagine why she felt that way.  Another said it was Revolved Triangle – that feeling of uncertainty in an especially precarious balancing pose.  I understand that but actually love the feeling.  I know I have to really concentrate on what I’m doing – getting in to that state of moving meditation that I am forever seeking.  It was an article where yoga teachers were asked about the postures they hate where I finally found someone in the same boat as me.

The instructor states that he has a knee injury that is hindering his ability to achieve the hip mobility needed for the pose.  I have difficulty with Triangle pose because of my left knee (I had ACL surgery years ago but it is forever my weak spot).  It never occurred to me that the knee issue was also effecting my Bow pose.  With this suggestion in mind, I am going to try to go in to my next Bow pose with less dread and more curiosity.  I will try to pay better attention to every part of my body – to really listen to the instruction and try to get in to the pose properly.

Bow pose does so many things, I should be grateful for it.  Strengthens upper arms, thighs, hips, abdominal muscles, the entire spine and hip flexors.  It improves digestion, flexibility and oxygen intake.  It increases circulation to the spine and massages the abdomen – improving the function of internal organs.  How can I hate a pose that is helping me with so many things?

If I ever manage to get over my dislike of Bow, what would I say is second worst?  Locust.  100%



8 thoughts on “The Pose You Dread is the One You Need the Most

  1. I have an old knee injury and bow pose is difficult for me because I experience that “injured feeling” every time I attempt it. I don’t follow a prescribed sequence, so it’s easy for me to avoid this pose. I’d be interested in reading a subsequent post about you exploring this pose further with your own knee injury in mind! Thanks for sharing.

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    1. If I can get even one inch deeper in to this pose, I will let the world know immediately. If I have any suggestions coming out of my own torture, I will pass them along for sure.


  2. For students struggling in this pose I always suggest thinking about pushing the stomach into the floor and squeezing the seat as hard as they can. This helps to get more of the thigh up off of the floor and engage the spine. Your posture is beautiful though and will change over time.

    We all have a nemesis posture, but those postures that truly challenge you will end up teaching you the most about yourself. Great post!


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