Surfing the Crimson Wave

I knew it was coming last night and when I woke up this morning, crash – there it was. My lady time. But it gives us the opportunity to face this head on. Do my fellow women out there manage to get in any exercise while on your period. I would love to know – if you’re OK sharing such things. I hate giving in but it’s just so draining. And it’s not like I’m an Olympian or a professional ballerina or anything.

Day one is just out for me so far as anything too serious goes. I was all signed up for Flywheel today but I skipped it – the thought of a spin class was too much for me. Which sucks because not only did I miss a day of exercise but I’m out $30.

However, a few simple yoga postures can help with the symptoms experienced and make that first day more tolerable. I am a big fan of Supported Legs Up the Wall, which is basically what it sounds like. A Gentle Seated Twist (pictured) is also nice. Or a good old Child’s Pose.

A beer helped me tonight. As well as some forgiveness and long, deep, slow breaths. Tomorrow is another day.



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