I Got it From My Mama

The photo on the left is from 1950. It is of my mother when she was 16 years old. The one on the right is also of her, two years later – on the cover of a local newspaper for Valentine’s Day. She was a professional ballerina and also danced tap and jazz. I love my mother with all my heart, she is my best friend. But I am not here to let you all know that your moms are in competition for second best mom in the world – my mom won the gold years ago.

I am here to thank her for instilling in me an understanding of what it is truly love and support someone. She is my biggest cheerleader and no one helps me more on this journey called life than she does. This is true in many ways but considering the subject of this blog, I am thinking about how she supports my yoga practice. She watches my children every day. I drop off my son with her at 8AM on my way to my daughter’s school. With my son in tow she picks up my daughter at 3PM and has them with her until at least 6:30p. Sometimes 7:30p if I take a class after work*. On weekends she watches them so I can go to Flywheel or Yoga Vida or whatever crazy thing I’m trying with ClassPass. Afterwards she always asks two things: how was your session and how many people were in the class with you. When I get back to her house, she wants me to show her some new yoga position or hear about how motivating my spin class was.

It is a journey of the self, fitness is. If you don’t want it for yourself it won’t work – at least, not in the long term. But it is helpful to have someone cheer you on – even if it’s just on the phone as you walk from Bikram to Dunkin’ Donuts (or some such similar experience). I am so glad that I have her to talk to about different recipes I am trying or exercises I have heard about. I see friends struggle because they don’t have the support of their families or spouses. It’s hard to make a big change – it’s scary to put yourself out there. When the people around you are saying that menu change sounds stupid or telling you you’ll never be able to complete a race – all it does is reinforce the doubting voice we each have within ourselves.

Finding that one person who gets excited about that new workout outfit you bought or wants to try the smoothie recipe you made can be the small boost you need. If you don’t have that person, no worries – hang out here with me. We’ll get through it together.

Now off to try out today’s pose for my 30-day challenge.


*Please note, this isn’t true for Tuesdays when I have to run straight to her house after work so she can go to her martial arts class or on Sunday evenings when she has to teach martial arts. If you haven’t done the math, my mom is 80 years old. I got it from my mama, for real.


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