Office Doughnut Run

I am usually not a fan of cutting doughnuts up – I like to buy one, eat one. But my friend and I brought back so many doughnuts that I have never tried before, I had to break my own rule. Doughnut Plant had so much yumminess today – these are the doughnuts that were new to me.

Pistachio doughseed: Not a fan. The great thing about Doughnut Plant is that you can very clearly taste the ingredients. This tasted like a pistachio – not just sugar. But it was a little too much for me. Then again, I don’t like pistachios so I’m probably the wrong one to ask on this.

Salted peanut butter cake: The balance was so lovely. The salt hit you first, then the peanuts and then the peanut butter. The doughnut itself was a little dry the flavors made up for it.

Apricot cake, doughseed and yeast: How can you make a doughnut taste like a fresh piece of fruit? How can biting in to a yeast doughnut make you think of biting in to a peach. And the cream in the doughseed doughnut was AMAZING. So soft and creamy, it was almost my favorite of the day.

Coffee cake: My favorite. I may need to go back and get a whole one for myself. As my friend said, there is coffee cake but this was coffee, period, cake, period. The cake was moist and had a little cinnamon to it but the topping was amazing – there was some coffee in the crumbs. WANT.

I also had some of the creme brûlée. The tres leches was gone before I could give it a try. I’ll be forced to go back.



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