Underwest Doughnuts

Yesterday we ate doughnuts in a car wash – and they were spectacular!

My husband and I wrapped up J&G and made the trek over to the West Side Highway to visit Underwest Doughnuts. The creation of a former sous chef at Chanterelle, they were certainly worth the trip.

The base is an old fashioned cake, cooked in small batches – chances are you will get one that is warm if not hot. They are cooked to perfection with a slightly crunchy outside and a soft moist interior. I think we talked about the cake itself as much as we did the toppings. We tried four – two sugared: coco raspberry and cinnamon, two glazed: dark chocolate and halva. The cinnamon were good, the cinnamon itself was fresh and there wasn’t much sugar – enough to make it sweet and give it a little crunch. The coco raspberry was a great balance of sweet and tart – I would say it was my second favorite of the four.

The halva was interesting, I would recommend getting it as it was unusual and the glaze is really good. It has a slightly nutty taste but it’s the blending of the textures that made it fun to eat more than anything else. Our favorite, hands down, was the chocolate glaze. It is clearly made from fresh cocoa and is the most indicative of the owner’s time at a restaurant as lovely as Chanterelle once was.

You enter off the West Side Highway and literally walk in to a car wash. The store itself is super small and the seating area is in the retail portion of the car wash – so you are eating the doughnuts next to replacement wipers while watching the cars go by. This is not to put the experience down – it is unique and part of what makes NYC great. As an aside, the coffee is as hot as the surface of the sun – even with my heavy handed pour of half and half. Just a heads up.

Yummy yum yum.


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