30-Day Posture Challenge (Week 3)

I should have posted this on Saturday but it was a busy weekend so here we are. 20 days in to this challenge and it just gets better and better. Even on the days when I can’t begin to do the pose.

Day 11: Jumpthroughs for me were more like slide your feet along the floor and then make a pitiful attempt at a plank position.  But the point of this challenge is not to do every posture correctly every time.  So many of these poses have exposed new weaknesses to me.  But in a good way.  In a – you think you got this whole yoga thing down but ha ha! – kind of way.

Day 12: Chinstand – the closest I have ever come to this is Locust in Bikram but there we are supposed to keep our legs straight.  It is easier to get your legs off the ground if you can bend your knees but I still didn’t do very well.  I clearly need to work on my core muscles.

Day 13: Headstand I can do and do well.  I wanted to do it outside – like a timelapse video thing in front of the Flatiron Building.  But it was so oppressively cold that week I ended up on a stool in my office.  Considering how hard that was, I’m not sure I could have pulled off the outside photo shoot.  Will give it a go when things warm up.

Day 14: Samanasana was not my favorite.  Once you figure out balancing on the one arm, I feel like there is nothing to it.  Maybe it’s because I am super flexible.  Maybe this makes more sense when put together in a series – perhaps it prepares me for what’s to come.  But they can’t all be winners.

Day 15: Supta Padangusthasana was similarly easy but I am super bendy and did this at the end of the day when I am even more bendy.  However, my friend who is way stronger than I am had a hard time with this pose as she is less than loose in the hips.  Moving on.

Day 16: Visvamitrasana was offered as the easy variation and I was happy for it.  Some days you are loose (see above) and others, not so much.  My kids were running all over me and I was in no mood.  We snapped the photo and called it a night.  I have since tried the more difficult variations to no avail.  But will add this pose to the list of things to work on in 2015.

Day 17: Eight Angle Pose was not happening for me that day.  I just could not wrap my head around it – even if Yoga Journal does consider it a level one pose.  #thanksalot  So I did a Flying Pigeon instead.  Since then I have worked on my Eight Angle Pose and have it figured out.  When the challenge comes around to Flying Pigeon I will make the reverse substitution.  So much of this challenge has been about looking at things in different ways.  Allowing myself to try and fail but press on and try another direction.

Day 18: Titibhasana or Fire Fly Pose is another core strength pose that I just can’t do yet.  I need to buy a block – one of my teachers showed me how to use one to get my knees up high enough on my arms to get the proper leverage.  Another thing that has been super nice about this challenge is the support you get from the other people participating.  It’s nice to see a bunch of people in different stages, learning together and helping each other.  Sorry – too zen?  #secrethippie

Day 19: Fallen Angel is honestly not as hard as it looks.  Side Crow is easier than Crow and this is easier than Side Crow.  You get to smash your face in to the ground.  I could hang out there for days.  Or at least long enough for my husband to get a good photo.

Day 20: Eka Pada Koundinyasana 2 reminded me that the word CAN’T needs to be removed from our minds.  I started trying this pose the second we were done with Fallen Angel.  I couldn’t imagine my body would ever be able to get close to doing it.  I made some half-hearted attempts and found I was right.  It couldn’t be done.  The next day I kept trying and trying.  I finally figured out where to put the back arm – and everything started to fall in to place.  The first photos we took had both feet on the ground.  But by the end I had not only achieved lift-off but was holding it for a few seconds.

Challenge yourself – ask more of yourself.  You will be pleasantly surprised. Namaste.


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