NYC Coffee Carts

Not trucks, those are something different.  These are the little metal carts that sit on the sidewalk and are packed to the gills with doughnuts, bagels, coffee and can also – somehow – churn out the best bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches you have ever had.  There are sometimes more than one on each block.  They have regulars and know their orders by heart and for $2.25 I purchased a coffee and doughnut from one this morning.

My mom goes to the same guy every morning – he calls her Grandma and knows she wants a small coffee, black and a Boston Creme.  If she sees him again at the end of the day he gives her some doughnuts for the guys in her building, for free.  These are basic doughnuts, no frills.  I always go for a bow tie – my mom and I also like the plain glazed.  They are always fresh and the coffee is as hot as the surface of the sun.  The prices are all basically the same.  Consistency – I do love you.

There are two of these carts parked outside of 200 Fifth Avenue.  I don’t know the difference between the two but some people line up for one and others for the second.  They are always smiling and chatting and the guys in the cart know orders and have bags ready before their customers are up to the window.

New York is big, it’s dirty, it’s scary and mean.  But it’s also a small town where you can get a coffee and doughnut every day from the same guy who will have a smile and your change ready – before you even pay.

Borrowed the photo above, will take my own soon – when my hands aren’t full.


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