30-Day Posture Challenge (Week 4)

I just wrote about the challenge four days ago but I want to get back on track with this so here we go.

Day 21: Bhujapidasana is an arm pressure pose but there is a lot more to it than just that. I really need to invest in a yoga block so I can use it to get my legs up higher on my arms. When I finally achieved lift-off, I couldn’t get my feet to cross.

Day 22: Unsupported Headstand brought my confidence back after day 21. Oddly I find this to be one of the easier inversions I have ever done. Maybe I’m just getting better at them. But it’s a fun posture and if you’re looking to impress your friends – go with this. Never had more oohs and aahs. My mom was a professional dancer – she said the easy moves would get more applause than the ones that were technically challenging. Same with yoga, perhaps?

Day 23: Eka Pada Koundinyasana is kind of an extension of side crow. Over a 48 hour period I was able to extend my legs more and more. I need to keep practicing – it’s a fun challenging pose and I would like to make it part of my usual routine.

Day 24: Peacock Pose is one of those poses that will take more time. I can not for the life of me figure out where my arms are supposed to go. My elbows should be by my stomach making my forearms under my chest. But when I try to do that, it just hurts my boobs. Will keep trying to find the alignment – let alone the balance. My feet are supposed to be off the ground!

I revisited day 17, Eight Angle Pose, which gave me the idea that I should be able to one day achieve Peacock Pose. I tried different things every day, figuring out where I should put my arms, my knees, my legs – and finally made it off the ground! I need to work on the execution but am glad I kept on it.

Only seven days to go! It has been really fun – I may just start from the top next month. But I won’t bother you all with that.


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