Weekly Workouts (January 26th)

This past week was good. I went to Bikram yesterday and today. I did a great flow class at Yoga Vida on Wednesday and managed to get in a couple of morning practices with the on-line classes. One day I found myself with 30 minutes before I had to get things started at home – so I found a short Sun Salutation. Little did I know – I’ve been doing Sun Salutations all this time. Am I the only one who didn’t know that most Vinyasa classes start with Sun Salutations? Just me? OK.

My boss is back next week so no lunch time classes for me. I’m going to try to be good about my morning practice and am signed up for a bunch of evening classes. Because I am a sucker for free stuff – I renewed my ClassPass membership (which came with a $50 gift certificate to Lululemon). With my membership confirmed, I am signed up for classes at Atmananda Yoga on Thursday and Friday. I’m still within my free month at Yoga Vida so I have a class with them on Wednesday and then it’s my usual Bikram on Saturday and Sunday.

This will also be the last week of the 30-day Posture Challenge I’ve been participating in on Instagram. They have another challenge for February that is about flexibility. As much as I have enjoyed this, I don’t think I’ll do the February one. I want to practice the postures I’ve learned this month. It’s fun to do a new one every day – but I also want a chance to make them better before moving on to new ones. I’d like do read about each posture more – understand the benefits and really get in to them properly. I know I am cheating sometimes – using my flexibility and arm strength when I’m supposed to be focusing on my core.



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