Shy Yogi

It may seem strange seeing as I have a blog and a public account on Instagram but I am actually very shy. It’s easier for me to be open with strangers than with friends. But I am trying to work on that.

I have said blog public Instagram account because I really want to inspire other people to be healthy and positive. I honestly believe that if you decide to be happy you can be.  For the longest time, I was so worried about how people would perceive me that I put up walls.  It made me come off as more negative than I am.  After years of friends telling me as much, and a couple of reviews at work mirroring the same feedback, I made the decision to be more honest about who I am and how I feel.

As I put my real self out there more, I have to be better prepared to answer questions honestly.  To many people, my love of yoga seems like a new thing.  What’s new is my willingness to share who I am.  What is new is my ability to answer this question with openness rather than sarcasm.  Why are we always so ready to believe the worst, or why am I?  Why do we always worry that comments are complaints?  I have found that believing the best in people brings that out in them.

I have also been told by strangers and friends alike that my plan is working – that this is motivating people to get back to the gym or in to yoga.  For every person who tells me I have motivated them to eat more doughnuts (hopefully as a joke) three people tell me they want to be more healthy.  “You have two kids and a job and manage to fit in yoga, so I feel like I can too!”  Music to my ears!

This year I hope to go to teacher training.  At first I was thinking of Bikram but changed my mind.  I love the practice and the shy side of me liked that I would be given a script – coming up with a class on my own was intimidating.  But he is a horrible person, the training costs $11,000 and takes two months.  Never mind.  I still want to do the teacher training but am now thinking maybe Yoga Vida or Yoga to the People.

I was recently made a Brand Ambassador for Daughters of Culture – the leggings in the photo above are theirs.  I get a discount on their clothing in exchange for wearing the product and talking about it with my friends – like you guys!  When I get a discount code for friends and family, I will pass it along.  I am dipping my toe in the waters of being more outgoing – so far so good.



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