30-day (+1) Posture Challenge

I am so silly – this challenge was for January so naturally it was a 31 day challenge, not 30! Here is the last week of postures. I may do a flexibility challenge for February but we’ll see.

Day 25: Grasshopper Pose wasn’t one I could do – this whole week was full of poses I couldn’t quite figure out. But as they were all new to me, I think that’s OK. Yoga isn’t about getting something right the first time you attempt the pose. It is about practice, humility and acceptance. I will need all three of those things in abundance if I am every going to achieve the full expression of this and the six poses below.

Day 26: Back on Day 17 we were supposed to do an Eight Angle Pose which wasn’t available to me at the time so I substituted it with Flying Pigeon (which was actually the pose we were meant to do on day 26th. I practiced and was finally able to get my feet off the ground! It needs work but I like this pose – I like that it doesn’t allow me to cheat. So I will keep trying it.

Day 27: Half Handstand or Tuck Handstand is maybe one of the hardest postures I have ever done. I felt like my eyes were coming out of my skull. This challenge has introduced me to some new postures I would like to incorporate in to my daily practice – this isn’t one of them.

Day 28: Was supposed to be Flying Crow but as I am still working on my regular crow, I practiced that. Not to say that I didn’t attempt a Flying Crow – I am just not strong enough yet to balance my entire weight on one forearm while extending the opposite leg. But I will keep practicing – I like Crow and all of its variations.

Day 29: Handstand is something I could do as a child in gymnastics camp but really haven’t tried since. I can’t 100% say this is something I even necessarily want to try to do right now. I feel like I have so many other postures to work on. Maybe when I have mastered those I will work my way back to this one

Day 30: Handstand Scorpion pose isn’t going to come until handstand does. I can do this in forearm stand but it could use some work. I would rather get that one down solid before moving on to this.

Day 31: Backbend or Upward Bow is one of those poses that you think maybe you can do until you see a picture of yourself massacring the posture. I need to really work on my alignment in this pose. Attempting it on the bench outside our house probably didn’t help much.

This challenge has been a lot of fun – I’m proud that I stuck with it from start to finish!



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