I Don’t Just Eat Doughnuts

Lately all anyone talks to me about is doughnuts. I get it, I read my blog #jokes #ihavethem Maybe I am hard to approach and knowing I love doughnuts is an easy conversation starter? I want to talk about other things though. My husband LOVES sports and it’s all anyone ever wants to talk to him about. Even when they don’t know much about sports. But everyone knows about doughnuts.

Maybe I should be pleased that someone thought of me (and around something that makes me as happy as fried dough), allow that to be the conversation starter and then be the one to change the topic to something else. Take the opportunity to ask them about what they love as much as I love doughnuts. And yoga. And my kids. And my husband. And art. And art history. And my Alma Mater(s).

I need to work on being more open and that includes not just on a blog or via Instagram but in person, one on one, when a friend approaches me at work and strikes up a conversation. Even if it is about sandwiches made out of doughnuts – which sounds kinda scary to me. Anyway, just some thoughts swimming in my head. Maybe I can work on them during my morning practice tomorrow. Have to stay loose for my February yoga challenge!

And bon appetit.


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