Weekly Workouts (February 9th)

This past week was good, not great. I went to Flywheel on Monday and Tuesday. Practiced yoga at home with my on-demand membership Wednesday and Saturday and went to Yoga Shanti on Friday. Five out of seven days isn’t too bad. We drank a good amount though so I could have done better. But c’est la vie.

Tomorrow I am signed up for Yoga Shanti again – Friday too. On Wednesday my company is doing this pre-work rave thing that should be interesting. Will let you all know how that goes.

I am also signed up for two inversion workshops on Friday and Saturday at the House of Jai with Kerri Verna known as Beach Yoga Girl on Instagram. Not sure if I am taking the same class twice or if one will be different from the other but either way I am super psyched. She runs the challenges I have been participating in (along with Kino MacGregor) for the past two months.

Depending on how I feel I may add in some Flywheel. Don’t want to get too crazy. I also want to try some other spinning studios. See if I like spinning or just Flywheel. And I also feel like I should give Flybarre a chance. I tried a barre class once before and hated it but should give it another go. Who knows – it may have been the studio and teachers I didn’t like, not the class itself.

Anyway, hope you all had great weeks. And if not, there’s always next week.



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