I first learned of ClassPass back in June of last year. At the time, I had zero idea what it was or if I would really like it all that much. I am now addicted and can’t imagine that any of you don’t know about it – if you aren’t a member yourself. On the off chance that some of you don’t know, here we go…

For $99 per month you can take an unlimited number of classes at studios all across NYC (or Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Columbus, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Portland, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle and Washington, D.C.)  You can take three classes at any one studio (or family of studios) per month.  I thought I would be sneaky when I first started going to Flywheel through ClassPass and take three classes at the Flatiron location and then three at Lincoln Center but it doesn’t work that way.  However, you can take two classes in one day – as I did when I took a class at Bikram Yoga NYC‘s Flatiron location and then ran down the street to Flywheel.

You can visit studios with classes that are normally $35 a pop.  Take three of those in one month and you have already saved money.  Take three a week and you’re golden.  Or do as I did today – I realized this morning that I would be able to go to a class around lunch time so I logged on, set my time and location parameters and a 12:15p class at YoGanesh YoGa (on 29th between 7th and 8th Avenues) popped up.  I’ve never been before but I wasn’t worried about wasting money or making any commitments.  I signed up for the class, checked it out, got in my lunchtime yoga and met my officemates for tacos after (someone’s last day).

I never would have gone to Flywheel or Uplift without ClassPass (too expensive).  I never would have visited Atmananda Yoga without ClassPass (never heard of it).  In all honesty, I probably wouldn’t have shed my baby weight as quickly without ClassPass.  It makes working out and trying new places fun.  I’m still nervous to go to a place I have never visited before, but walking in and saying you have signed up with ClassPass somehow makes your “newness” OK.  Or at least it does for me.  Even when I am in a new place all alone, I feel like they are with me.  And I always help new ClassPassers out when I see them at one of my regular spots.

I tried a barre class, hated it, but didn’t mind because it didn’t actually cost me anything and hey – now I know I don’t like barre.  Or I can try it again at a different place and see if it was the studio or the practice that wasn’t for me.

If you live in any of the above cities and enjoy classes more than free-weights and treadmills, you should get a membership.  There is no commitment necessary – you can cancel at any time.  You can even put your membership on hold for a while (if you quit and re-join you have to pay a $79 fee.

The ONLY downsides are: 1. if you cancel within 24 hours there is a $20 fee.  With a job that is as unpredictable as mine and two kids, this has happened to me more often than I would like to admit. And 2. Studios only hold so many slots for ClassPass so you can get boxed out of the more popular classes.  But that will just push you to try something new!

I was not paid in any way for this review.  Sadly.

Took the above photo at YoGanesh Yoga today.  Namaste.


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