Weekly Workouts (February 16th)

I had to look back at my post from last week to see how I did this week. Mommy brain? Is that a thing? Doesn’t seem very empowering. Let’s just say I’m tired.

Last week I did everything I said I would save for the pre-work dance party. I couldn’t convince my husband to do the school run and my mom wasn’t interested in taking the kids at 6AM. But I did sneak in an extra yoga class at a new studio thanks to ClassPass so that was good. Will write a separate post about the core and inversion workshops I took on Friday and Saturday.

Monday (tomorrow) is a National Holiday which I interpret as a chance to get in an extra work-out. I’m starting to wonder if maybe I have issues? Nah… I was thinking I would do a double but the Monday schedule doesn’t line up for that. Which is probably for the best idea seeing as I haven’t been to Bikram in a while. Tuesday is my boss’ only day in the office so unless i get something in at home before work, Tuesday will be a rest day.

I really want to give barre classes another shot – Flyweel also has Flybarre so I’m going to dip my toe in trying something new by attempting it at a studio I love. I really need to work on my core – it’s a hot mess. Signed up on Wednesday and Thursday, we’ll see how it goes. Would love to get some Pilates classes in my schedule, but this week I just can’t make it sync up properly.

Friday, I’m going to try Studio Anya which is just around the corner from my office and yet – this will be my first visit. I’m going to give the areal yoga a shot – should be interesting. Hopefully I can get back to my usual Saturday/Sunday Bikram classes – all depends on my husband’s schedule.



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