FlyBarre (Studio Review)

Yesterday I took my second ever Barre class. The first one I took, I didn’t like – at all. I am not one to bash people or places so I will keep the name of the studio to myself. Suffice it to say, the experience was bad enough that I was convinced Barre classes just weren’t for me. However, I always get on people for saying stuff like – Oh, I tried yoga once and hate it – so…I decided to take my own advice.

If you have read by blog before, you know I am a big fan of Flywheel. In addition to spin classes they also offer barre. I figured – I love the studios and am comfortable there, what better place to try something new without actually trying something new. I am seriously shy. It’s strange, I know. The room was lovely – everything is already set up for you save for the weights which you pick up on your way in. I grabbed two and three pound weights – the instructor convinced me to grab some five pound weights as well. As with the spin classes, the music was great and super motivating. We listened to Taylor Swift and Annie Lennox and I found myself singing along which helped discract me from the pain of pulsing my leg for the 5,000,000th time while squeezing a ball between my thighs. Damn you ball. Damn you stretchy bands. Damn you two-pound weights!

Of course, it’s at Flywheel so you get all the amenities – free water and towels, showers, all the little things you need that you forgot (deodorant, hair ties). Love.

My only complaint – if you can call it that – is this: FlyBarre was so far and away harder than the other class I took, I really wasn’t prepared for it. By that, I mean – I was originally signed up (via my beloved ClassPass) to take two classes two days in a row – the second one being today). The other Barre class was so easy I figured I would take FlyBarre twice, get a real understanding of it and write about it tomorrow. Coming out of the class I could barely lift my arms to check my email on my phone. Up until 20 minutes ago I was trying to convince myself to go again today but it just isn’t going to happen. This class is SERIOUS and I need to give myself recovery time in between.

Actually, second complaint – I like this class so much I am going to use my allotted three classes per month on ClassPass for FlyBarre instead of FlyWheel and as such will need to find a new place for spin. I have wanted to check out Peloton for a while. Maybe this will finally push me to do it.



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