Sunday Funday (I May Give Up On Dough Loco)

Anyone who has kids knows that some days are easier than others. This was a tough day. My husband needed a moment to himself so I took J for a doughnut run – as you do. Dough Loco isn’t too far from us so…

Triple Chocolate – bland, the frosting is soft so I know the doughnut is fresh but the cake is so amazingly dry. Looks like the doughnut isn’t chocolate on the inside. Like the cocoa or pudding or whatever they used to make the doughnut somewhat moist never made it to the center of the ring. Actually, if they had used pudding the problem would have been solved.

Nutella Banana – flavor combination is great. Still too dry. The Nutella is actually tempered by the banana. You taste it more at the end than you do while biting in to the doughnut. The crunchy crumbs on the top are nice for texture but really don’t add any flavor. The best part of the doughnut is the spices in the cake itself. I think it’s cinnamon? Or maybe nutmeg? It’s actually the most interesting thing about the doughnut.

Creamsicle – how can something technicolor have no flavor at all. My husband brought me a doughnut from 7-11 the other day. He told me if I had a blog about doughnuts I had to taste ALL the doughnuts. It was a mouthful of chemicals but at least I tasted something. I literally tasted nothing as I ate this blue and orange doughnut. How is that possible?

Blueberry Rosemary Lime – always get a yeast doughnut as a baseline. Their yeast doughnuts (the pastry itself) are so much more flavorful than the cake doughnuts. But the glazes are better as well. Why do they always have the same glazes on the yeast and switch up the cake? Put this glaze on a cake doughnut and see how it goes.

But it occurs to me – for a yeast doughnut, it is actually quite dry. Which is nice for yeast, as they can be too oily, but bad for cake. They need to hire me – it’s really the only logical solve.

Happy Sunday.


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