Weekly Workouts (February 23rd)

The fact that I am late in writing this post is perfectly indicative of how the past few days have gone for me. Some times we are just given too many things to manage at once and women, moms especially, are horrible about prioritizing said responsibilities in a manner in which they come out on top. Or maybe that’s just me.

Last week I had hoped to go to three Bikram classes – I didn’t make it to any. It is just SO COLD, the idea of going from the cold to the heat to a shower and then back in to the cold again just isn’t appealing to me. I need to find another place that is close to my house where I can get in a good workout on the weekends. Doing my at-home practice is a possibility but it’s honestly hard to concentrate when I can hear my kids torturing my husband just down the hall.

I did manage to go to FlyBarre which was GREAT. But in the end, I only succeeded in attending that and a class at Atmanda Yoga last week. Still ate my doughnuts, though. All for the blog – all for the blog.

This week I already went to one new class so that’s good. Yesterday I tried aerial yoga at Studio Anya (via ClassPass). I will certainly go again – it was just too much fun. I don’t think I have ever smiled that much in a class.

Tomorrow and Thursday, I am trying two more new studios: Peloton and Pilates on the Square. I love FlyBarre so much I need to find a new place for spin – if I am going to continue to go exclusively via ClassPass (which my bank account thinks is the best plan). And the studio where I used to do Pilates closed – and I LOVE Pilates so I am in the market for a new place to take classes. Saturday is booked solid, maybe Sunday will finally bring me back to Bikram classes.

On that note, however, I am finding it harder and harder to be OK with following the instructions of a man who stands accused of so many horrible things. I honestly may just finish up the classes I have on my account and then move on to something else. I will miss the practice but I just can’t figure out a way to reconcile the two. If anyone in this situation has any thoughts, I would welcome hearing about them in the comments section.

There is a Vinyasa yoga place that is semi-close to my house. Perhaps I’ll give them a try. Maybe this is the week of being brave.



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