Be Brave

I tried a new class today.  I’m sure it seems crazy to a lot of you but it was really hard for me.  I looked for any excuse to get out of it but finally went and am so glad that I did.  The studio was lovely and I will certainly return.

My work bestie is being brave.  After five years with our company, the only real job she has ever had, she is going off to something new.  I will miss her so much but am a excited for and proud of her.  It takes a lot to make such a leap and I know she will kill it.

Writing this blog is hard for me.  I feel vulnerable and some days three people read it and sometimes it’s 100. And I can’t help but wonder why.  But people have told me it inspires them to get to the gym or a yoga class and that is amazing.  I have even done two interviews for major newspapers as a result of this blog.  Maybe I will be quoted, maybe I won’t.  But how exciting to think that a journalist read my blog and wanted to speak to me.

My other friend is being brave.  She quit her job and is branching out on her own.  She has recognized that she wasn’t living a healthy lifestyle and has asked me to help her find a better path.  We tried some yoga poses yesterday and are looking at her food patterns.

My daughter is brave every day.  Walking in to her school, letting go of my hand and smiling at me as I walk out the door.

You are brave too.  I’m sure of it.

“Our fate lives within us.  You only have to be brave enough to see it.”  – Disney’s Brave



6 thoughts on “Be Brave

  1. I’m usually not that intimidated by new classes but I was SO scared when I arrived at my first boxing class yesterday. I had zero experience and everyone looked so confident–I wanted to walk away! But I stuck it out and ended up meeting a fellow first timer through ClassPass and we had a great time! Loved reading your post 🙂

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