February Flexibility Challenge (Week Four)

This last week of the February Flexibility Challenge was kind of all over the place for me. One day would ask for a posture that was super easy and the next was something I couldn’t even begin to do. But seeing as I had a hard time getting to class as much as I wanted to the week before, I was very thankful for this challenge. It helped me keep my yoga every day/yoga everywhere rule.

Day 22 asked for Karnapidasana or Ear Pressure Pose. Not the most flattering but it does give you a nice stretch through your back and shoulders. It’s easy for me on days when I am stretched out and impossible on days when I am stretched so if you can’t do it on your first attempt, give yourself a chance to try again.

Day 23 had us trying to do Straddle Splits – not something to jump in to. This site has some good preparatory steps to go through before attempting an actual split. I will keep practicing as it is something I could once do and would like to bring back to my yoga routine.

Day 24 was Happy Baby which people LOVE but does very little for me. I think my hips are already pretty open. So for me this is always just a nice time to chill in class and be with my thoughts – which is wonderful, actually.

Day 25 asked for Extended Hand-to-Big-Toe Pose something that has always come pretty easily to me. However, a few days after taking this picture, we flowed through this posture and I was challenged. Our teacher had us stand in Tadasana, bend down and hook our toes, and come up to the pose from there with straight legs. It was tough – I have ALWAYS bent my knee. So I want to practice with straight legs. We can always push ourselves further.

Day 26 was Pasasana or Noose Pose – one of those deceptive poses. Looks simple enough but follow these instructions and give it a try. I wasn’t quite able to get my hands to touch – but it was a nice stretch for my back (something I could use at work) so I felt all the better for trying.

Day 27 brought us to headstand, my favorite inversion. I like it because I can get in to it calmly (no kicking) and stay in it without straining my body. I get the benefits of an inversion without the pain.

Day 28 asked for a seated twist called Bharadvajasana According to Yoga Journal this is a level one posture but I, for the life of me, could not get my top knee down to the floor AND hold on to my foot. But I will practice. It was a nice stretch for my back.



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