Weekly Workouts (March 2nd)

The mind is a strange thing. This past Tuesday, I had to cancel a class at the last minute. Apparently I really wanted to take that class because missing it hung like a dark cloud over my head for the rest of the week. But looking back, I actually did quite well.

Monday I tried an aerial yoga class at Studio Anya. Wednesday I finally went to Peloton Cycle – gorgeous studio. Thursday I went to Pilates – which I really want to get back in to my fitness routine. But this studio was strange so I will keep looking. Friday I went to my usual noon class at Yoga Shanti. Yesterday I went to a new studio – Harlem Yoga Studio. Such a sweet little studio and they have all sorts of classes including kids yoga, prenatal yoga and full-figured yoga. My original plan was to go back today but this random snow storm hit us so it will be an at-home-practice kind of day for me.

I also started climbing the stairs at work – my office is on the 10th floor of a loft building so it’s no joke. But I need to work on my cardio (as my sad performance at Peloton can attest) and my butt is going to look great! I hate squats but I can do this.

For this coming week, my boss is back in the office. So I can’t be AS dedicated to the gym. I’m signed up for Peloton on Tuesday and will head back to Atmananda on Thursday and Yoga Shanti on Friday. Hopefully I can squeeze a FlyBarre class in there somewhere and then go to yoga near my house on Saturday and Sunday. But we’ll see how it goes.


It’s hard to imagine strolling through the streets of NYC wearing nothing but a summer dress. But with the photo above, I am willing those days to return. Stay warm.


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