Wake Up Yogis Posture Challenge (Part I)

I am a brand ambassador for Daughters of Culture (although I am yet to get the discount code that I can share with all of you). With that in mind, I decided to participate in a DOC sponsored challenge. I must say, I prefer the other challenges thus far. They seemed to build to something or have a connecting thread. These are all just fun poses, which I suppose is fine too.

Day One: We opened with Thread the Needle – which is such a nice shoulder opener. I tend to start the day with a Crow Pose, I may add this to my morning pick-me-up.

Day Two: Low Lunge is a fun one – especially great as part of a Sun Salutation. I went with a twist variation for the challenge. It’s a good combination of balance and hip opener and I love how it gets you ready for the Warrior postures.

Day Three: Goddess Pose was a new one for me. I thought it would be easy for me as I have a good time in the third part of Awkward Pose in Bikram. But having the feet farther apart makes a HUGE difference. It’s a great hip opener and asks so much of both the calves and thighs. And it looks cool! Add it to the practice!

Day Four: Partridge Pose is something I can’t do without props. While I understand the appeal of props for some, I am not a fan. I feel like they bring my body to a place it isn’t really ready for. I would rather go with the easier variation and work up to the full posture at my own pace. So here I went with a Side Plank.

Day Five: Grasshopper is a pose that is not only impossible for me at this point in my practice but actually something I can’t even fathom. But the fun thing about having four yogis host is that you get four different variations and chances are one is obtainable. For me, that was baby grasshopper. And I will keep practicing.

Day Six: Crow Pose – the bane of my existence. We actually practice crow twice in the afternoon class I took in advance of taking the photo for this challenge. So if I ever had a chance to get it right, this would have been it. But I still can’t do it. However, I haven’t been trying this pose for that long. So I will keep trying and hope my abs get stronger and forgive myself when they don’t.

Day Seven: The closest I have ever gotten to Dancer’s Pose is Standing Bow Pulling Pose – which I am doing in the above photo. They look similar but my muscles are so used to balancing with my arm out straight and body parallel to the ground, that modifying with my arm up was actually quite hard.

But that is the beauty of these challenges – hard or easy, they introduce you to new postures or modifications of. And yoga is a journey. And I am enjoying every step!



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