Weekly Workouts (March 9th)

Thankfully I walked up the stairs at work rather than the elevator because that was basically the sum total of my exercise experience last week. Friday I managed to go to yoga and that was it.

But I am going to have to try harder this week as construction has shut down the lobby at my office and taken the stairs with it. Outside of walking up and down the fire escape (not possible) I am going to have to work harder to get some exercise in.

Today I was supposed to take my first ever SLT class with my friend Liz but work is a beast and that’s not going to happen. Still trying to find a spin class that I like beyond Flywheel – so I am going to try Swerve on Tuesday. I am signed up for Yoga Shanti on Wednesday – actually taking a class with the Founder Rodney Yee, so that should be fun. And I’m checking out a new yoga studio – Yogamaya – on Thursday. Was supposed to go last week but that didn’t work at all. Finally, on Sunday, I am going back to Bikram Yoga East Harlem. Want to see what it’s like in this new “I definitively dislike Bikram Choudhury” era.

These past few weeks have shown me how important working out is for my mental health. Yoga gives me a chance to meditate (even if I am using every muscle in my body to make the most beautiful Balancing Stick Pose the world has ever seen. Spin is a great outlet. Pilates is somewhere in between. Not going has been tough and I need to work harder on making it a priority for myself so others can understand that it needs to happen.

Gotta look out for number one, yo.



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