Can You Break Up with a Friend?

I took a class at YogaMaya today. Don’t let the crappy website fool you. The studio was lovely, the class was challenging. I will certainly return. Thank you ClassPass, once again, for introducing me to new places.

The instructor talked about the eight different arms of Yoga – specifically the Niyama (the second limb) which refers to the five observances: how we relate to ourselves, the inner world. The first of those observances is Shaucha: cleanliness of body and mind.

We work on our bodies by doing exercise, watching what we eat – but how do we work on the cleanliness of the mind. If there is someone in your life who is toxic for you – someone who is a friend – how do you cleanse your life of that negativity? There are socially acceptable ways of disconnecting from a wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend… But what if your friend is the one who makes you feel bad about yourself? Or is engaging in bad habits you are trying to break.

I tried once – I had a friend who constantly made me feel like I wasn’t good enough. I decided to ask her our for coffee and break up with her. She declined. Instead, she let me know why she had said some of the things she said. That she was actually trying to come from a place of help and while she could have used different words, once we talked about it I came to understand that she was telling the truth.

Is it easier if you want to end a relationship over bad habits? Maybe ask that same friend who went drinking with you to take a spin class? Have a friend over and cook some yummy, healthy foods? Commit to yourself – to your health – in every way. It’s not easy. But you’re worth it.



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