Doughnut Plant Brooklyn

Super easy to get to, the Brooklyn Doughnut Plant location is at the top of the stairs from the Bergen Street 2/3 station. It’s shiny and new and I can’t say I liked it at all. It’s like a sterilized version of the DP I love. It’s like the new Yankees Stadium vs. the old.

The best thing about my visit was that it was a Saturday. Doughnut Plant offers different doughnuts every day. As I almost always visit during the week, I haven’t had their weekend offerings.

Matcha Green Tea Cake was the worst of the four. I am guessing they use powder to add the flavor to the doughnut. It was pretty dry and kind of boring. It did make me wonder if they make the doughnuts on location – if it was dry because it was old because it was made off-site or old just because it was nearing the end of the day?

Oatmeal Cake was yummy in the way that only Doughnut Plant can achieve – it was plain and simple and had maybe three ingredients that were all super fresh and you could really taste every flavor. I should have bought three of these and skipped the others.

Triple Chocolate Mint is the victim of comparison. I don’t like mint and chocolate together. Except with thin mints – my word I could eat a sleeve of those Girl Scout Cookies without giving it a second thought. These doughnuts could be good, but all I can think about while eating them is that they aren’t thin mints. Ah well…

I always buy one doughnut that I have had before – the scientist in me likes to have a control. Creme Brûlée was my control, and it was the best. As it always is. Beautiful combination of yeast doughnut, cream and crunchy yummy caramelized sugar top. All in a tiny little package. Yum!


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