Wake Up Yogis Posture Challenge (Part II)

This posture challenge was strange – there was no rhyme or reason to the poses chosen. I don’t feel like I learned anything new or that there was a progression or anything. And now it’s over so… Here’s what we did last week. All that said, I have been following the current challenge being posted buy the people I normally go with and I know that I would NEVER be able to do them. We’ll see what April brings.

Day 8: Sugarcane pose is one I came across trolling the Yoga Journal Pose Finder. I want to know if there is a way for me to have my bottom arm straight and my legs in a split. I can’t find the balance yet to see if I can make my arm move in that way. But I will keep trying. #practiceandalliscoming

Day 9: Wheel Pose is a strange one for me – why is it easier for me to achieve on my toes than with my feet flat on the floor.

Day 10: Upward staff pose is such a lovely heart opener – it is just so invigorating and beautiful. I could stay in this pose all day – I just wish I were on the beach in this pose, facing the sun.

Day 11: Oh forearm pose! How you vex me… This is one of those poses that I can do one day and escapes me the next. On this day I couldn’t make it work. But I love the combination of balance and strength and flexibility. And I think – as always – that if I strengthen my core I will be able to achieve this on a more regular basis. And then to make things easier, I went with the scorpion pose. Some days we know our limitations – some days they are shown to us. On day 11, I was schooled.

Day 12: The posture was Side Crow but I went for a variation, Fallen Angel. It’s actually quite easy – I like to see how straight I can get my leg, how well aligned I can get it with the bent one. Fun.

Day 13: Asked for a seated twisted pose. I went with Marichyasana II. The pose has many variations – I went with a half-lotus, bind. The posture calms the brain and stretches the spine and shoulders. At the same time it is stimulating abdominal organs like the liver and kidneys – which improves digestion. And it’s one of those poses that make you proud when you achieve the bind. Yeah!

Day 14: For the last day we had legs up the wall, or Viparita Karani. A favorite posture when I was pregnant – it relieved the swelling in my legs. And the swelling was BAD. But it’s not anything i need on a day to day basis.



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