Weekly Workouts (March 16th)

Last week wasn’t great – three workouts in seven days isn’t my best record but I did try two new places (both of which I like a lot!).

Tuesday I went to Swerve, a spin class where they group you in to teams. I am pretty competitive so it made me do better than I normally would. I hated the idea of letting my teammates down.

Wednesday I took a class at Yoga Shanti lead by one of the founders – Rodney Yee.

Thursday, I went to Yoga Maya – my first ever visit. A lovely studio, the class was challenging and the staff welcoming.

This week I’m going back to FlyBarre, Studio Anya and Yoga Maya but what I really want to do is to finally go back to Bikram. I was supposed to go yesterday, Sunday. But on Saturday I had dinner with friends – yummy wine and cheese and the doughnuts I wrote about. So Bikram was out – and honestly, I was relieved… The class was being substitute taught by my least favorite teacher. Hard enough to deal with him yelling at me and going off script when I’m stone cold sober. No way I was going to manage it hungover.


It’s getting warmer but not warm enough. I want to be able to stroll through the flowers with my daughter in sun dresses. We’ll get there.


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