YogaMaya (Studio Review)

Beautifully lit in a classic New York loft building, YogaMaya is a lovely place to practice – photos do not do it justice. Once again, ClassPass brought me to the studio.

On the top floor of a building in Chelsea, the elevator doors open to a blah hallway. But once you walk through the doors to Yoga Maya itself, you instantly feel yourself getting ready to leave the city behind and focus on yourself and your time on the mat. Beyond the lovely wooden partition pictured above is a spacious lobby, to the immediate right, a place for shoes and coats. Farther in to the room you find the front desk where the friendly staff will check you in and give you a quick rundown of the layout. The changing space is lit by a large skylight. Changing rooms are delineated by silk partitions – a large bench in the middle of the room provides an easy space to gather your belongings. A lovely, long, old mirror reflects the space adding more light.

The studios themselves are also lit with skylights and windows with beautiful wooden surrounds. The classes follow the typical Vinyasa pattern of starting with sun salutations and then building to different postures. In both classes I attended, the teacher started with a reading or thought to guide the class. In reading the Yelp reviews, there were some people who didn’t like this fact but I enjoy grounding my yoga practice in something that is real – something happening in the world.

I will certainly use my three ClassPass visits every month and am grateful to have found a new studio for my practice. Some people on Yelp complained about a level of repetition from the classes and I can see how that could be frustrating if you visited them often. But for three times a month, I won’t mind. I like looking forward to something I know – as with my Friday classes at Yoga Shanti. So if this is, in fact true – I’m fine with it.



2 thoughts on “YogaMaya (Studio Review)

    1. Compared to other studios in NYC – specifically in the Flatiron/Chelsea area – their prices aren’t that bad. But I go with ClassPass and I totally know what you mean. $20/month for a membership to on-line classes vs. $15 for a single class here is a big difference!


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