Weekly Workouts (March 23rd)

This past week I only managed to go to three classes. One at Yoga Maya and two at Bikram Yoga East Harlem. Yes – I finally made it back. Luckily both of the teachers I took class with go pretty far off script so I didn’t feel like I was listening to Bikram Chowdhury the whole time. Unfortunately the second did torture me with a little speech about him during our first Savasana. So that kind of sucked. I am glad I went back in that I don’t want to loose money. And am also glad to see that Yoga to the People has opened a new studio on 103rd and Broadway and a friend turned me on to another hot studio on the Upper East Side. Who knows, maybe the Bikram studio owner will come around and change the name and I can keep going to the place I love. We shall see…

My thighs are KILLING me from two days of Bikram in a row. I was originally planning to take a spin class at Swerve tomorrow but there is just no way that can happen. Instead, I’m going to try yoga at a new studio – Solace. On Tuesday I am signed up for a barre class at Exhale (two new studios in one week = brave). Wednesday I’m back to an old favorite – Yoga Shanti. My boss returns to the office Thursday and Friday so I will be busy with him. Rather than set myself up to fail, I am giving myself two off days. And then I am signed up for Bikram Yoga East Harlem again next week Saturday and Sunday. At this rate I will plow through my remaining 22 classes.

I am also doing another Instagram yoga posture challenge – this one is called Humble Yogis. I like it because they not only give us a posture for each day but something to think about. Yesterday was a seated posture (I went with full lotus) and the idea of being centered. Today asked for a pose that makes you feel grounded – I did tree pose with my daughter (who does yoga at school)! It’s a ten day challenge so I’ll write about it when it’s done. And I have another lined up for March. You could call me obsessed but they’re fun! Anyway…

Namaste and happy Sunday!


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