Tim Horton’s Doughnuts

I have recently started teaching my friend yoga on Tuesday mornings. Between her house and my office is one of the few Tim Horton’s shops in NYC. Naturally I made a pit-stop and picked up a half dozen. Best thing about buying a ton of doughnuts and bringing them to work – DOUGHNUT FLIGHTS! Just copied and pasted here because I love the different reactions.

My thoughts:
Sour Cream Glazed: Old fashioned, glazed cake. Mostly sweet more than anything else. Dense, fresh.
Double Chocolate: too chewy, the glaze was great though – tasted like pudding!
Cinnamon Sugar: Hands down favorite of the cake doughnuts. Crispy on the outside, perfect balance of cinnamon and sugar, soft on the inside.
Maple Dip: Maybe it’s because I went to school in New Hampshire and have high standards for maple, but this was just sweet needed more maple. The yeast doughnut itself was fresh but cheap.
Salted Caramel: The addition of the cruncyness was nice. The chocolate flavor is so much better than the maple which is strange considering this is a Canadian company. It’s strange that it’s called salted caramel and not salted chocolate – maybe the sign was wrong?
Canadian Maple (AKA a Boston Cream but with maple instead of chocolate): The cream was really good – like vanilla pudding. Helped balance out the sweetness of the maple glaze.

From my girl Erinn:
First up: Maple Glazed – not enough maple flavor
Double Chocolate: I was REALLY excited for this chocolately goodness that was staring at me as I put the doughnut to my mouth but it wasn’t the yummy chocolate doughnut flavor I was looking for
Sour Cream: VERY pleasantly surprised
Wanna be Boston cream: enjoyed the filling that was inside this one
Salted Caramel: WINNER WINNER, the sweet to salty ratio is just perfect

Nate didn’t mess around:
First off, wow and thanks 🙂
Boston with Maple – Wonderfully balanced. I expected the maple to overpower the creme, but, no, they’re working together. They’re riding across the plains of my mouth like Tonto and The Lone Ranger.
Salted Caramel: a little crunch never hurt anyone. I appreciate a good organoleptic surprise. Anytime.
Cinnamon Sugar: An adult option. Needs cider. Consume in autumn under falling leaves.
Maple Dip: while the dough was to my liking—I’m leaving feeling a bit flat. Maybe even sad.
Sour Cream: This tastes like 90s cereal and I like it. But now I feel ashamed. NSFW.
Double Chocolate: Pure phantasmagoria. The icing and dough…a meeting place as porous as the Mexican American border. There are no police. No guard dogs. No gates that say “show ID”. Only love and cooperation. There is a lesson somewhere in this doughnut.

Nate’s Summary:
Tim is a man among Artistes. He clocks in, bangs out some high-functioning breakfast cakes, and fucking clocks out. No fuss, no “process”, no interviews. Tim is busy. He’s someone we can all turn to as the artisinal wave fades and we come to realize: the oceans are rising, the Middle East is on fire, and our neighbors have been stealing our mail. Wake up, eat breakfast, and get to work. And for fuck’s sake put down NY Mag.

FYI – their coffee sucks.
Happy Tuesday!


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