Weekly Workouts (March 30th)

Last week I didn’t accomplish what I set out to do – but I did manage three workouts so, things could have been worse!

I had big plans to try new studios but I chickened out in the end. Still, I did go to Atmananda on Monday and Studio Anja on Tuesday. Saturday I made it all the way to the changing room at Bikram Yoga East Harlem before I realized that my Lady Time had arrived two days early so I had to leave. And then today I went to Flywheel.

I was supposed to try a new studio on Monday but it was SO cold and I was dressed inappropriately and I just couldn’t motivate myself to go. So I logged on to my trusty ClassPass to find something for after work. Atmananda has never been my favorite but the class times are good and it is conveniently located between my office and my mom’s house (she is my nanny). But I have to say – I think this is the last time I will go there. I love studios like Yoga Vida and YogaMaya because there is a consistency to the quality and style of the classes offered. Atmananda is just too all over the place. The class I took on Monday was taught by a woman who is clearly still completing her teacher training or had just graduated. She was the WORST – and not only because she forgot which posture came next, or called out the wrong hand or foot (meaning left vs. right) but she had the worst voice. It sounded like she was dead or dying. It was the slowest, softest most boring voice I have ever heard – at one point I honestly thought I might have lapsed in to a coma. Never again. I have more than enough places to visit without wasting my time there. Done.

This week I hope to make it back to Studio Anya again (want to do a little review of them). The same goes for YoGanesh. Hopefully I can do Saturday and Sunday at BYEH. My son has had a cold so my husband and I are up every three hours – hence the lack of at-home practices. I do miss that. And I have my Instagram yoga posture challenges.

I want to try new things but it’s hard when I have to run down the street from work, change quickly, get my mind ready for whatever it is that I am going to do and then take those steps in reverse and get back to the office. Rather than beat myself up over not trying new things, I need to give myself props for averaging four workouts per week. My boss was supposed to be away next week (jury duty) so I was thinking I could maybe go seven for seven. But it was postponed so now I worry that I may not be able to do anything at all. Send me positive thoughts!



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