Endorphins and Emotions

This weekend was rough. I’m not the type to share everything on social media – despite the fact that I have a blog. Suffice it to say that I needed to go to church on Sunday. My version of church – Flywheel.

I have written many times about the moving meditation that is yoga – especially hot yoga where you can’t possibly think of anything besides the torture you are enduring. But the combination of cardiovascular work and a kick-ass soundtrack takes emotional releases to a different level. The instructor, Darryl Gaines, reminded us multiple times that “we were the music” and the “music is not a mistake.”

He led us up hills, asked for intervals I have never done before and managed to guide us through an arm workout that I actually enjoyed for once. I knew the class was going to be good when we had Beyonce blasting as we took our seats. Naturally Biggie and 50 Cent were in the mix but so was Alanis Morissette You Oughta Know which is seriously perfect for intervals on the bike. The only bad part was that I wanted to sing (read: shout) along to the lyrics which is basically impossible to do when you’re up in 3rd position and turning the resistance up with every refrain.

Exercise is my drug. Endorphins get me higher than any controlled substance ever could (except for maybe morphine – morphine is great). It makes me feel happy, confident, peaceful, calm. Nothing changed while I was at class – the personal issues I was facing as I walked in the door were still extant as I walked out. But for those 45 minutes I let them go and put everything I had in to that bike, in to pulling those pedals and keeping my chin up and my chest out.

Take me to Church indeed.


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