Studio Anya (Studio Review)

Apparently Studio Anya has offerings beyond aerial yoga. But with New York being what it is, I already have two Vinyasa studios and a Bikram one near my office so I haven’t actually tried their regular yoga. What’s the point. Why languish on the ground when I could be flying through the air…

Studio Anya is located in the Flatiron District of Manhattan. Naturally, I was introduced to the studio via ClassPass. I realized today that I like going to classes in this neighborhood because they are conveniently located near my office. But I LOVE that they are invariably housed in old loft buildings and as such have tin ceilings, Corinthian columns and hardwood floors. Add some beautifully colored silks hanging from said tin ceilings and Studio Anya doesn’t disapoint.

Located on the 8th floor, you step off the elevator and in to the studio. There is a little vestibule with places for shoes and coats before you step in to the lobby area. There you will be greeted by one of the lovely employees and shown the space. There is a bathroom and little kitchen to the left, changing room straight ahead (although most people come in their yoga clothes) and a small waiting area to the right which then opens up in to the main studio. With large windows on two sides and floor to ceiling mirrors on a third, saying the room is flooded with light would be an understatement.

The classes are just too much fun. Who doesn’t want to swing back and forth for an hour!? But more than that, they are actually challenging. Not for the entire class – this isn’t HITT or spin. Still, your abs will feel the work as so much of this is core based. You will also get in some really deep tissue massages – the kind that make you scream a little because they hurt so good.

I wouldn’t suggest that going to aerial yoga exclusively would a sufficient workout regime make. But added to spin and HIIT and other things that can make your muscles get tight, this will give you just what you need. Stretched muscles – including the ones in your face (you know, the ones that make you smile!)



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