Yoga is Ruining My Life 

It is all I can think about.  I have a job I love and yet, in the back of my mind I think – I could be a yoga teacher!  Thankfully, I understand that it is not a tenable proposition – some people aren’t so lucky.  I go to class at studios like Yoga Vida and Yoga Shanti where there are maybe 10-15 teachers in rotation.  Some teaching multiple times per week but most only having one, maybe two classes.  This does not a career make.  And yet, every season when Teacher Training comes around, I see masses of eager students taking class.  And forget about Bikram Teacher Training!  I could go back to school (Ivy League, mind you!) for the cost of eight weeks with an accused rapist.  All set, thanks.

I have talked about it before and I would love to go to (non-Bikram) Teacher Training – but it would be with the idea of furthering my own practice.  I have been helping a friend do some yoga and maybe after going through a formal training, I would be cool with taking on one or two other private students.  But that would in no way replace my current income.  Still, yoga is ruining my life.

Which class am I going to take next?  If I go to brunch with friends on Sunday, can I take a class in the neighborhood beforehand?  What time is the class – what is ClassPass offering today.  Ooh, is that yoga outfit on sale?  I want it!  (FYI, it wasn’t on sale but I bought it anyway – please see above).  I have zero interest in regular clothes – I just want stretchy pants with fun patterns on them and a bra to match.  Realize that I will wear this outfit for one hour, maybe two (if it’s Bikram and you are counting the time I have it on before class and before my shower).

I am constantly in some sort of yoga posture challenge and walk around wondering if this location or that would make a good backdrop for my picture and if so, who can I convince to take the photo?  Naturally I am kidding, yoga does nothing but make my life better.  I am happier, healthier and have a more positive outlook on life (hope-ier?) because of yoga.

But damn if it doesn’t take up a lot of space in my brain!


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