Post-Cleanse Bikram + Brunch

Friday after work, I bought a six-pack of beer for my mom and a banana for myself. Needless to say, the woman at check-out gave me a strange look. The beer was a thank you to my mother for watching my kids through “spring break.” The banana was in preparation for my going to Bikram this morning.

I will admit, I was a little nervous about going to class. I will also admit that I looked damned good in the mirror getting ready for that first breathing exercise. I sat out of two postures, which I anticipated. But they weren’t the ones I thought they would be – Standing Separate Leg Stretching and Camel Pose. Really, I should have sat down in advance of Stick Pose. It’s demanding on a good day but today was especially hard. I felt dizzy going in and I honestly don’t even remember being in the posture. Camel Pose surprised me less. It’s a heart opener. I felt nervous walking in to class, vulnerable. Camel will do that to you on your most confident day. But I made it through the class and will go again tomorrow.

The idea of solid foods made me even more nervous than Bikram did. But I was meeting up with two of my greatest friends from college at a restaurant I have been wanting to try for a while. I ordered sticky buns, but shared them with my friends. I went with an egg dish – when I almost always go for pancakes or some other sweet breakfast treat. I didn’t have ANY coffee!

It was a good day.


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