Weekly Workouts (April 13th)

Last week I was on my cleanse so I didn’t do much working out. But I did get back to Bikram this weekend so that was good. And we went on a long walk through the city today – Spring has finally come to New York.

Being away from ClassPass for a week has renewed my excitement for the program so naturally I have signed up for 50,000 classes next week. Going back to a tiny studio in Chelsea called YoGanesh on Monday and Swerve on Wednesday. YoGanesh is super small – the changing room basically doesn’t exist. But I like that they offer a quick lunchtime Vinyasa so I’m giving them another try. Swerve on the other hand has great amenities and I love that it speaks to my competitive side.

Thursday and Friday I am going to try a new studio – Katonah Yoga (which is in Chelsea, not Westchester). They have a number of offerings but I am going to try their yoga and pilates classes. My friend took a class there with Mary-Kate Olson. This fact has not effected my decision at all.

Looking forward to being back on solids and therefore back on my workout game.



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