On Sunday my husband took me to Doughnuttery in Chelsea Market. He works upstairs and walks by basically every day. With my family by my side, I finally took a brave step in to the tourist hell that Chelsea Market is on weekends.

The doughnuts themselves are really good. They are basically made to order so they are nice and warm. The inside is fluffy and light and the outside has a thin crunchy yummyness to it. The combination of the two is great and because each one is bite size, you can experience it all at once. The majority of the menu is made up of different flavored sugars.  The doughnuts are “tossed” in the sugar.  Basically the doughnuts are tossed in a small bag with the sugar and up u hope some sticks.  Most doesn’t.  We had the peanut butter and jelly, cinnamon sugar and cheeky peach (peach/raspberry/rose petals).

I should have chosen something with powdered sugar or maybe a savory offering like the rosemary road (rosemary/roasted cornmeal/fig). I should have chosen a dipping sauce. But the space for the store is small and the people behind the counter rush you and although it said that I would get a free dipping sauce with my dozen doughnuts I didn’t. And I wasn’t aware of the slight until I had walked away and the ten tweens who were gathering behind me had already made it to the counter.

Of what I had, the peanut butter and jelly was the best. Even though all you could actually taste was peanut butter and sweetness – not specifically “grape jelly candy” or whatever was supposed to make up the “J” part. The cinnamon sugar was good – but you can’t really go wrong there. The cheeky peach, the one that seemed like it would be the most interesting was just sweet. Whomp whomp.

I wasn’t impressed with Carver’s the first time around. But the no longer exist so the point is moot. I’ll go back to Doughnuttery. But on like a Tuesday or Wednesday. At maybe 2PM. With a plan.


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