Balthazar Bakery

While on my juice cleanse, this lovely article popped up in my in-box. Naturally… But I was strong and rather than run out and jam 14 excellent doughnuts in my mouth, I bookmarked the article and told myself the time to eat them all would come soon enough.

I worked in SoHo for six years and we ordered breakfast or lunch from Balthazar at least twice a week. And yet, somehow, I never had their doughnuts. Were then never listed on the menu? Were the sticky buns so good that I never even bothered exploring past them. I will say, the fact that we always ordered delivery and never actually visited the bakery itself probably played a big role. Anyway – moral of the story is: get off your butt and join the real world.

As luck would have it, I found myself in Greenwich Village this morning. With this newly found doughnut information in my sugar-addicted brain, I took a walk down to SoHo and bought some treats.

By the time I made it to the bakery, they only had two flavors left: chocolate frosted cake and cinnamon sugar. The chocolate cake tasted just like that – actual cake. It was moist and dense like cake but not too sweet. The cinnamon sugar manages to be dense and light at the same time and was my preferred of the two. It’s a dangerous doughnut in that I could easily plow through a dozen. The blend of cinnamon and sugar is perfect and there was a little crunch to it that was just lovely.

As always, I employed my work friends to help with the tasting. While most took a quarter each and just gave me a “yum” or “good” in response, my partner-in-crime Erinn gave me the following: I think I prefer the sugar, although the chocolate was a different take a chocolate doughnut. Can be nice to switch it up sometimes. And it’s French – Americans love to use much more sugar than Europeans so probably why the chocolate tastes so different.

Good call, Erinn. Good call.

Happy Friday!

P.S. Their iced coffee is AMAZING!


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