Weekly Workouts (April 20th)

I did a good job this past week. I was originally signed up for six classes. While I didn’t attend the six I as planned, I did make it to five, which is pretty exciting. I couldn’t help but think though – should it really be that hard to make it to class every day. One hour per day – that’s nothing. And I feel better for it. And can eat doughnuts, so…

On Monday I went back to YoGanesh. It’s a nice enough studio but when it comes to basic Vinyasa, it’s not a favorite. Wednesday, Thursday and Fridayi took classes at Y7 Yoga which changed my life – or something less dramatic – and has jumped up to the top of my list of favorite classes ever. I had to skip class on Saturday but on Sunday I made it to Bikram Yoga East Harlem which was nice. I really love the teachers there and the class was small. It was a wonderful way to end the week.

This coming week Tuesday and Wednesday I’m going back to Pilates on the Square. I really want to find a pilates class and it’s close and deserves more than one try. And it’s on ClassPass so what do I have to lose. On Thursday, Heather Lilleston is teaching at Yoga Shanti which should be fun – I’ve only ever taken class with her at Yoga Vida so I’m interested to see if this is any different. And on Friday I’m back to YoGanesh again.

I am trying to find a balance between trying new things and sticking to what I like – I’m not ready to give up my Saturday and Sunday Bikram Yoga East Harlem ritual so that’s the plan for next week as with every week.

I do worry that the coming week worth of classes will be a little easy – I really hope that I’m wrong and that the pilates classes are better this time around. But I’m less than confident. Don’t be surprised if Flywheel ends up in the mix somewhere.



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