Y7 Yoga Flatiron (Studio Review)

This past Wednesday, I was supposed to go to a spin class but I had to cancel. ClassPass charges a late cancellation fee so to make up for that (in my mind, anyway) I signed up for another class later in the day. With ClassPass you can take three classes per cycle at any studio. As I was coming to the end of the cycle, I had hit my limit with all of my regular studios. And thank God because it made me try something new, and I am in love.

Y7 Yoga brings together my favorite things about my favorite workouts. It combines the breath synchronized movement of Vinyasa, the heat of Bikram and the music of spin. The classes are also lit by candle only – adding to the feeling that something different is about to happen. I took my first class on Wednesday and immediately followed it up with classes on Thursday and Friday – getting my maximum of three classes in just under the wire before this ClassPass cycle ended.

The Wednesday class was an all hip-hip class playing exclusively Fabolous. The teacher would walk us through a sequence of postures, starting slowly and then getting faster so we were matching movement to breath. After practicing together three times, we were left to cycle through the sequence twice on each side on our own. That’s when the music would get even louder and that’s when you know that this is unlike anything you have done before.

The classes on Thursday and Friday were their “regular” Vinyasa classes – both called We Flow Hard. They both started off with music that I have heard in other Vinyasa classes – reminded me of Yoga Vida. But then, when it’s your turn to flow through the sequences on your own, the music changes to hip hop and you’re back in the amazing other world where (and I know it makes no sense) hardcore rap and yoga become one.

I haven’t been this excited about a new class since I first found Bikram.
Thank you ClassPass! Namaste bitches.


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