YoGanesh (Studio Review)

Through ClassPass (as always) I found a little studio on 29th Street in Chelsea, NYC called YoGanesh. While it doesn’t compete with some of my other favorite studios, I don’t really think it is trying to. YoGanesh has a single studio with changing rooms that consist of pieces of cloth marking off two corners. Sometimes there is a separate woman to check you in, sometimes the teacher does it and just locks the door behind her when class starts.

They seem to have a good local following as the teachers are always chatting with one or two of the students when I arrive. Their pricing structure is fair considering the amenities – a single class is $20 while a ten-class package will drop it down to $17.50 per class. Yoga Shanti is $25 for a drop in class (but they have nicer facilities). Same with most Bikram classes – but they all offer showers.

With that said, YoGanesh is lovely and I will certainly make sure to hit my 3-class maximum per month on ClassPass. I have only ever taken class with Andrea Arnold and Jasmine Carsky – both of whom are welcoming and led the class through challenging but attainable Vinyasa sequences. The studio itself reminds me of my friends’ parents’ apartments that I would visit when I was in elementary school. It is like a step back in time to old New York when none of us had any money and we would decorate the place with plants and paper lanterns. If you were lucky enough to have floor to ceiling windows you would place plants along the sill to create some sort of privacy and then allow the light to stream in to the room – making the backdrop of NYC buildings your “decoration.”

At the end of the day, while I greatly appreciate studios like Yoga Vida and YogaMaya, sometimes you just want to get your yoga in for the day and YoGanesh provides me with everything I need.



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