Weekly Workouts (April 27th)

Last week I went to new classes and revisited old ones – but each day brought something a little different, which was nice. Wednesday I had to cancel my morning class but I replaced it with an Antigravity Barre class at Studio Anya. It was really hard and I would say that I felt the effects for the remainder of the week. However, on Thursday I took a class at Yoga Shanti with Heather Lilleston which really kicked my butt. Anyone who says that yoga is easy should take a class with her. She will shut them up fast.

Friday I took a lunchtime Vinyasa class at YoGanesh which was rejuvenating and well needed. Saturday I made it to my usual Bikram Yoga East Harlem. Although I’ve been bad about going lately so I don’t know if I can call it my usual class. I sat down three times – I didn’t eat a real dinner on Friday night, rookie mistake. But I went to class which is better than skipping it all together. Sunday I went to Harlem Yoga Studio for an “open level class.” I pity any new person who was in that class. We held Downward Facing Dog for longer than usual – purposefully going past the moment when your body says you can’t take it anymore. Have mercy!

This coming week I am back at Yoga Shanti, Studio Anya for barre and Peloton for a spin class. I wasn’t a huge fan the first time around but I figured I should give them a second try. And on Friday I am signed up for a barre class at Exhale Flatiron. I want to know if I like barre classes or if it’s just that Flybarre is that good. We’ll see.

On Saturday I am taking an inversion workshop with Laura Sykora at Pure Yoga – which is supposed to be a lovely studio. Laura makes inversions look like the easiest things ever so maybe I’ll learn some tricks. But I’m sure I’ll just have the need for core work reconfirmed. I honestly need to face that reality and start taking classes to help me with that weakness. And on Sunday it’s back to Bikram Yoga East Harlem.



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