Harlem Yoga Studio (Studio Review)

Reading through the Google reviews of Harlem Yoga Studio will give you a quick idea of how lovely and welcoming the staff are and why, if you have the opportunity, you should take a class with them.

As with every studio these days, I came to Harlem Yoga Studio via ClassPass. I have taken Vinyasa classes with them but they offer all sorts of classes ranging from prenatal yoga to Pilates. They have community yoga classes as well as a hot power hour. The one that I love the most is full-figured yoga. It is so nice to see a yoga studio that isn’t all about skinny little twigs in their Lululemon pants. The last time I went for class, the teacher was a little late arriving. No one minded at all. We all waited patiently as she opened the studio and one student swept the floor because, as he said, we were building a community and that was part of it.

The first class I ever took had five students total. Joining me were two women who were clearly regulars, a guy who was the teacher’s brother and his friend. It was so great to experience yoga for the first time with both of them. And while the teacher was helping them in to a wide legged forward fold, she encouraged me to go up in to a tripod headstand and work on my balance.

Classes have been bigger but have never felt crowded. People always take modifications and the teachers are great about walking around to help you in to postures without intruding too much. I plan to go through teacher training later this year and once certified I would 100% volunteer to teach classes here for free. It is so nice to see a yoga studio in Harlem that is welcoming to people no matter their level of fitness or experience. I am an avid yoga practitioner but I know that it can be intimidating to the uninitiated. I would recommend this studio to anyone who wants to take their first ever yoga class. And to people who are four years in – like me.

(The above photo was taken around the corner from the studio but it’s so pretty I figured you would give me a pass.)


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