Sullivan Street Bakery

Continuing on our journey through the Eater described best doughnuts in New York City, yesterday we had some bombolini from Sullivan Street Bakery. Don’t let the name fool you, there are two locations in NYC, neither on Sullivan Street (although, that is where they were founded). Their main bakery is in Hell’s Kitchen (currently under construction). I visited the Chelsea location – conveniently located on 25th and Ninth Avenue (I work on 25th and Sixth).

Sullivan Street Bakery is known for their bread – and you will have that confirmed for you the minute you walk in the store. The smell is amazing and if I lived close to them I would become a little bombolini myself as I imagine I would eat a sandwich a day. But, as always, it was their doughnuts that brought me to the store. They have chocolate, vanilla and seasonal jam versions. Unfortunately, they were out of vanilla yesterday – will have to go back!

The dough is light, more like semi-sweet bread than a doughnut. I had one with jam – it was raspberry and yummy and clearly freshly made. As someone who eats a doughnut for breakfast every day, I will say that the bombolini actually makes more sense for such a thing. It felt more like I was having a delicious piece of fluffy toast with jam than my usual super indulgent doughnut. The best thing about it is – whatever oil they use to fry the doughnut bust be the lightest thing ever because you don’t taste it at all. And the filling is piped in from the top so when you bite into it, jam doesn’t go flying everywhere. As always, I ordered a cold brew to go with my doughnut. Not sure who they use but it was really good. Why anyone drinks that burnt Starbucks crap, I will never know.

From Erinn, we have a little love letter as review:
Sullivan Street: Before I was greeted with my little puff of morning glory, I was utterly impressed with their box presentation. As I was offered chocolate or jam I didn’t even have time to think about the choice as the word chocolate left my mouth, naturally. I immediately said, “Oh, it’s like a heavier chocolate croissant!” This little bomolini was not as sweet as a normal doughnut and the chocolate filling was très magnifique.

And then there is Nate – I am starting to wonder if he shouldn’t have his own doughnut blog:

Sultry-wild, a beast that wants taming.
I’ll need a defense, a knife for the fight.
Now in two, I can safely approach you.
Still careful, still easy, no sudden moves…
Just hands and teeth for an easy retreat.
In your heart, a soul that radiates cocoa heat.

A close cousin I’m sure.
It’s news to me you could be contained.
You got me, lady. Surprised, unexplained.
All sides of you, hugged in dough.
Loved loved in dough.
An elastic pillow, supple and strapping.
Sprinkled with light, little stars overlapping.

You innocent offender…
You’re bold and calm,
An outstanding regular.
The knife is down,
I rest my pen.
See you tomorrow,
please forever,


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