Weekly Workouts (May 4th)

Last week I went to a great vinyasa class on Tuesday at Yoga Maya where we worked on getting wide – which was unusual as (if you think about it) you almost always stay on a pretty narrow path. When coming up to the front of the mat from downward facing dog, we brought our feet to the outside of our hands, instead of the usual in. I love small things like that – making you look at things in new ways.

Wednesday I was supposed to go to Flywheel but I was super busy and it just didn’t happen. I need to make it back there soon! Thursday was YoGanesh and Friday was Yoga Shanti.

Saturday I went to an inversion workshop – which I wrote about HERE. My arms were still hurting today when I went to Bikram. A good friend joined me for her first class ever. She sat down a few times, but I sat down once! And she made it to class, which is more than I can say for a lot of my friends. She said she enjoyed the challenge and we have plans to go again next week Saturday – so that’s exciting.

Tomorrow I’m going back to Y7-Studio for some candlelit hip-hop yoga. Hopefully, my arms don’t give out on me – they LOVE chaturanga. Tuesday it’s back to Yoga Maya. Thursday I am trying a new running place called The Run. Next door to my office building, it’s supposed to be like spin class but on treadmills. I’m not sure how it’s going to work – and I hate running. But a bunch of friends from my office are going so it should be fun no matter what.

No plans yet for Friday – Saturday and Sunday it’s back to Bikram Yoga East Harlem. Trying to use up my class package before it expires. And, of course, I am doing a posture challenge on Instagram (follow me at @notsefatia)…



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