Orwashers Bakery

I have my first “guest blogger!” How exciting! Erinn… Take it away.

My Tuesday morning started out like any other day until the following message popped up on my chat:
Shephathiah: Your mission (should you choose to accept it) is to go to Orwasher’s Bakery tomorrow morning. You up for it?

As stated above, I woke up this morning feeling like Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible knowing that I had made the conscious decision to accept this challenge.  While I decided to forgo dressing all in black and scaling tall buildings the theme song began to play in my head as I rounded the corner and waltzed into Orwasher’s Bakery – located on 78th between 1st and 2nd Avenue.  Before my visit the only thing I knew about this place was that they were on the NY Eater map for being an excellent doughnut destination. Orwasher’s on the map was highlighted for their yeast jelly doughnuts that are filled to order with fresh fruit jam.  I walked in and my eyes lit up at all the different flavors of jelly you could add into the doughnut. I asked for her opinion because I would have just stood in the cozy little bakery starting at the menu all morning. They use GIANT jelly guns to fill the doughnut right there on the spot!

For me, I’ve never been one the first one to reach for a jelly filled doughnut off the platter. I went for the sugar strawberry jam. My first bite was dry because I didn’t get any of the jam. When I was on to the second bite and got the sweet strawberry jam I closed my eyes and I saw myself feeling the warm breeze on my face in a field of strawberries – it was that delicious. I personally would like to have that strawberry jam in a jar to go, please.  It was exhilarating to ask our very own yoga and doughnut expert blogger for her review of these jelly filled fluffs before anyone else:

First of all I love that the doughnuts are filled with fresh jam on the spot.  I also like that they stick to what they know – sometimes experiments are fun but sometimes it’s better to just do what you’re good at.  I had the black raspberry filled sugar doughnut.  I really can’t say enough about the jam.  It’s like artisanal quality.  The doughnut itself had a nice consistency – a little dry.  But that’s OK, it made a good base/sponge for the jelly.  And I hate when it’s too oily and that’s all you can taste.  The sugar added a nice crunch but over all the doughnut wasn’t too sweet.  Great for breakfast!

Naturally, it would not be a complete doughnut review without the following from Nate:

As Kendrick Lamar most recently proclaimed,
“The darker the berry, the sweeter the fruit.”

Drop the mic: this noir-beauty packs the same intoxicating punch as our generation’s greatest MC. They say that great lyrics are memorable, but legendary lyrics are haunting. Who knew this auditory wisdom applied to business of the tastebud?

Like everything in art and the streets, potent interplay can make for danger or fortune. Today, Orwasher’s have struck pastry gold; thick crafted chocolate meets a blackberry filling picked fresh from rocky bramble. In each bite, nature’s variation reminds us that despite bright-electric notes, we’re still safely in the world of the small-batch-maker, each cake formed by caring hand.  Yet, as crust unlocks and crashes below into icy explosion, we’re reminded of days’a’ Dunkin’ past and the sugary pureness of those times—when politics played out on streets not coffee counters. Nostalgia sets in and washes down the rest.

It strikes this writer, living in an era of food extremes, Orwasher’s has perfectly balanced the high and the low-brow. Delicious and well made. Why not both? It is a duality rarely experienced; enjoy enjoying each bite without putting on airs, be proud for each bite, by the goodness witnessed in craft.
An experience of the mind and body, equally quenched.
Those are lyrics you can only taste.  Sound Airhorn!

Check that one off the map!


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