I (Still) Hate Running 

Not everyone has to like everything.  I have to be OK with that.  Some people don’t like yoga.  Some people don’t like doughnuts.  Those people are liars.  I don’t like running.

A new treadmill studio, The Run,  opened downstairs from my office.  A work friend contacted them and set up a trial run for us today.  Along with five of my colleagues, I huffed and puffed my way through 30 minutes of “running.”  My throat is still burning and clearly I need to get more cardio in my life.  My knee doesn’t hurt as much as I worried it would – although it’s usually the day after that is the worst.

It seems like this is a new trend as studios like The Run are popping up all over the place.  The space itself was very nice.  Big open lobby with men’s and women’s changing rooms to your right.  Each is equipped with two shower stalls and two bathroom stalls and all the amenities I have come to expect in high-end boutique fitness studios.

The studio itself is as bright as it looks in the photo above, which I didn’t like.  I am more partial to how Flywheel does it – this reminded me of Peloton.  I know I am getting super specific here with my expectations, but the Flatiron District is silly with fitness studios and seeing as I have my pick of where to spend my $20+ I am going to be discerning.  Also, I’m a difficult person.  #iamnotadifficultperson

The class was challenging.  And this was confirmed for me by my friends who also took the class – friends who are actual runners.  Luckily, while there is a course that is suggested – you are able to adjust the speed and incline of the machine.  At the beginning of the class, you do a little warm-up.  Based on that, the treadmill makes a suggestion for you for the remainder of the class (your slower and faster paces).  You can adjust it before starting or make the changes during class.  But it will always try to go back to those two numbers so if you know they are wrong, make the adjustment before things get going.  Learn from me.

We spent 5 minutes warming up, 24 minutes running and closed with 15 minutes of planks, jumping jacks, squats and a final stretch.  The studio is new, but hopefully they will work on getting the pace of the music to match the speed on the treadmill.  That is the best part of a good spin class and seeing as that is what they imagine as their competition, it would be a good fix.

While I won’t go back (please see the title of this post) I can see how other people would enjoy it.  Tomorrow, I go back to yoga.



6 thoughts on “I (Still) Hate Running 

    1. It was fun to be with friends and I certainly ran harder and longer than I would have if I was alone. Running outside will always better than running on a treadmill. But if anything was ever going to change my mind about running, it would be a class like this.


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