Weekly Workouts (May 11th)

I am so bad about focusing on the negative and forgetting the positive. I missed Bikram Sunday morning and had myself convinced that the week had been a loss. But looking back I actually made it to five classes last week – not too shabby! Plus Bikram and hangovers really don’t mix. So I did everyone a favor by skipping that class. Believe me.

Negativity aside, I went to four yoga classes last week: Y7 Studio on Monday for some heated vinyasa, Yoga Maya on Tuesday and Friday and Bikram Saturday. I did a running class on Thursday that did a number on my knee. My mom was a professional ballet dancer – she wasn’t allowed to go skiing for fear that she would get hurt and jepordize her career. I am not a professional yogi, by any means, but it annoys me that something I don’t like (running) got in the way of me having the best clases possible on Friday and Saturday. C’est la vie!

This week I have something planned for every day – my boss is out of the office. I am going to be brave and try a new studio called The Movement. Found on ClassPass, of course, I am taking three different classes with them: YogaCharged, CrossFlow X and Powered. None require sneakers so I think I’ll be safe from any kind of running and/or HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training). I just want my knee to get better. I have my usual Saturday and Sunday Bikram classes lined up which should be fun as on Thursday I am going to another Bikram posture clinic at Bikram Yoga New York – this time at their UWS studio. Rounding out the week, on Tuesday I am going to Yoga Vida – I haven’t been there in a long time so I’m excited to go back.

And (pictures on Instagram or not) I am trying to keep up with this month’s posture challenge. It has been fun and I will be sad when it’s over – although I’m sure next month’s will be equally enjoyable.



2 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts (May 11th)

  1. Bikram with a hangover is a suckfest. But after class, all is right with the world. Never was there a better cure for a hangover.


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