Peleton Cycle (Studio Review)

Peleton is a great idea and I fully admit that I am spoiled as I live in NYC where there are a million spin class options, work in the Flatiron District which has the densest concentration of said classes and I have a ClassPass membership so I can try (and, therefore, have opinions about) classes that would otherwise be out of reach.

All that said, Peleton is not the studio for me.  I generally try to go to a studio three times before writing a review.  Maybe it’s because ClassPass lets me try a studio three times per month?  But I also want to have a tie breaker. The truth is, after my first visit I figured I would never go back.  However, I tried again and have confirmed my feelings.  The studio is lovely, beautiful, welcoming.  The staff are the same.  So much so that it is crazy that I don’t want to return.  The space is gorgeous and open, they offer free wi-fi and a coffee bar along with smoothies of-the-day.  The bikes themselves are custom built by Peleton, for Peleton and offer the SMOOTHEST ride ever.  I may be a little biased as I have taken more classes at the original Flywheel than anywhere else where the bikes were pretty old and rusty.  That said, they recently renovated the space – so we’ll see…  But I can’t imagine that they will ever come close to the Peleton bike.

The thing that sets Peleton apart is that you can purchase said bike to ride in your house.  Along with the bike, yo get access to all of the classes.  You are able to “join” a class via the interwebs (it’s a series of tubes) and ride along with the instructor.  As your bike is exactly the same as the ones in the studio, you can go faster or slower, go up and down hills, do everything that you can do in the NYC studio but from Arizona or Guam, I suppose.

The actual studio where the class is held is enormous.  Three or even four times the size of the Flywheel Flatiron studio.  The bikes are farther apart which you might think is nice but actually takes away from the feeling that you are all in it together.  In order to allow the people at home to have the class experience, there is a huge camera mounted to the ceiling that films the teacher as well as the students in the class.  It is distracting.  And the room is kept bright enough so the camera can see you but as a result EVERYONE can see you.  I could tell how the woman two rows in front of me was doing.  At one point, the class basically comes to a halt as the teacher gives “shout outs” to everyone joining from home.  Go team!

The first class I took was with Christine.  She seemed nice enough and if her metrics were to be believed, she kicked ass.  But she played Dave Matthews Band.  I LOVES me some Dave Matthews Band.  I went to college in New Hampshire in the mid-to-late 90s.  I can’t not love DMB.  But for a spin class?  No.  Absolutely not.  I need something with a beat – I’m all about that bass.  The second class with Jess- I honestly don’t know.  I was supposed to go today and I skipped it.  Maybe it’s my bad knee.  But I have tried and tried and tried to take a second class and it just doesn’t happen.  Hopefully the $15 coming out of my bank account later today will convince me to just let it go.

Again, this is a very opinionated post.  But I live in NYC and I am able to make such decisions.  I’m a native New Yorker to boot so I’m just giving the people what they want.



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